It is important to understand that people around us help build our character and competency. Good character and high competency come from good living habits.

I have learned a lot of good habits from my parents and teachers. Which one should I start with? Parents, of course! Helen loves taking care of kids, keeping order and making sure that everything is clean.

But for her kids, me and my brother Tim, growing up is damn difficult. We only like playing around, but Helen made sure that we create good living habits. And this means doing these annoying and boring activities: to eat, to have a shower, and especially to brush teeth! Now here’s the story.

Large clay water jar @

Do you see the clay jar? It was for storing water for bathing. So we had to scoope water out of it to bath ourselves. As we grow a bit bigger, Tim and I thought of an idea: that was to go inside the jar and stay there. Yes, so when Helen told us to have a bath together, we just got into the bathroom and sit in there for a few minutes and play in the water. We couldn’t swim, just lay there in the cold water. It felt like sitting in a swimming pool, except that the pool was the size of two small kids. Sometimes we even peed inside the jar :-D so of course, we had to scoope the water out and refill it again to avoid getting caught by Helen. She could smell the pee inside the jar.

What was another use of the jar? So near the edge of the jar, there was a rough part. We used this part to brush, like brushing the teeth. Why we did that? Because Helen always wait to hear us brush our teeth, but we didn’t like brushing teeth, so we found something to brush instead. So Helen would hear us brushing teeth, but we actually brushed the clay jar. Haha… So for a while we weren’t caught but Helen would feel suspicious because our mouths still smell stinky after the brushing teeth time. Helen has a sharp sense of smell, just so you know. Then one day Helen secretly opened the bathroom door and saw what we were doing!!!

Simply simple