Two careful thoughts

It is very difficult to know the truth about a situtation that happened far away from me. I was not there with you but I tried to find out about the hitting situation from people around you. After hearing different stories, I spent some time thinking about those stories, and here’s what I conclude:

I believe your answer. I believe that she hit you first. Yeay!!!

Now, why do I believe you? Because you described your story clearly and logically. You even showed me the action of the hitting. So what you described and what you showed are clear. That is the importance of a truth: clear.

Anyway, I still want you to know this: everyone thought that you hit her first because you often hit them. You can’t stop them saying so, but you can stop hitting ANYONE.

Here is another thought of mine: I believe that you created your own Roblox account. I have checked your iPad and seen that I already turned off the Parental Control setting. I guess I forgot that I closed it already because I needed to fix your iPad to from afar.

I have to admit that I am quite slow in believing people because I need time to think. I need to check all the facts before I can say for certain that you have told me the truth. So it is important that you continue to tell me your stories. I want to hear them FIRST from YOU, not from your grandma or anyone else. You have the stories to tell, and I’m here to listen. What I will do differently is that I will listen to you more carefully next time.